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Get cozy in our oriental and contemporary bedrooms. Admire the Pyramid of Giza view during the day and experience romantic nights by the pool under the unique starry sky and palm trees.

Our rooms are crafted and decorated with authentic Egyptian objects and collectible furniture pieces acquired throughout numerous travels along the Nile. Our quest for authenticity prevails and our desire to endorse local artisans is prominent. We naturally partnered with Malaika Linens to provide our bedrooms with ethically handcrafted linen, sourced & designed in Egypt. All Malaika products are a work of art, incorporating complex hand-embroidery, pulled thread open work and silk-screen printing. At the heart of its business model, Malaika focuses on teaching hand embroidery to local women giving them a chance to learn a valuable skill and improve their economic standing.

Room 1 / Bina – olive

Room 2 / Shereen – jasmine

Room 3 / Beau – hibiscus

Room 4 / Nour – lotus

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