A Luxury Signature

The house consists of 4 double bedrooms and a beautiful upstairs sitting room where the pyramid may be viewed through the design and eyes of Stephane Malka. The furniture gifted by renowned artist Christian Hook for his wonderful experience whilst at the house and which inspired his latest artwork collection Sahara. The house has its own water well which we built to provide fresh water to our home and rest of the community. It may be booked as a private villa or when not booked for single use as separate guest rooms in the house.

Personalized Concierge

Salem, our host, will welcome you and remain at your disposal to guide you during your stay. A driver is available to pick you up from the airport and also for individual trips or may be booked for the whole day.  We offer day excursions and trips to Luxor, the Red Sea and other amazing destinations.  We have a family of beautiful horses that are available for riding trips into the desert and The Sahara pyramids. Horse and carriage are also possible to visit the pyramids with.

Delicious local fare is available on request for breakfast, lunch or dinner or you may choose the self catering option sourcing your food from the local market and surrounding shops and supermarkets. There is a traditional bread oven in the garden and upon request a lady from the surrounding village can come to bake local bread in this oven which is a great experience and delight to eat.

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