Our spiritual oasis is located on the Giza Necropolis plateau, nestled in Nazlet El Samman’s village. The Observatory was built in alignment with the pyramid of Khufu, the largest 7th wonder of the ancient world.

The experience at the House of Kheops

The property has an East-West orientation, providing an optimal position to contemplate the trajectories of the sun and the moon, creating a gateway to the stars that embody principles of peace, love, and unity. Long after we are gone, the above principles are those we want to be remembered for.

Love, peace, creativity, culture, and community.

These are five principles that the house encompasses and tries to incorporate into every event that takes place. We are a family and wish that whoever comes to the House leaves feeling as if they are also part of that family, home and community. We welcome all people from different walks of life and wish to share the magical experience that comes not only with the location but history of a culture that has played an important part in all our lives. 

The house once was a place filled with nature and all kinds of beings and centuries later it still is. Down to the cat that passes through the garden, to the weasel who comes to visit, we are always surrounded by nature and will forever continue to grow and nurture the world in which we live. We ask that people who come to the house come with no expectation of perfection as it does not exist, but instead come with an open mind. 

A Luxury Signature

The house consists of 4 double bedrooms and a beautiful upstairs sitting room where the pyramid may be viewed through the design and eyes of St├ęphane Malka.

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